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Service for Sunday 22nd March 2020

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession

Almighty God, we thank you for our experiences of the world;
this world which you’ve created, for the sights and sounds of every day,
for the occasional glimpses into deeper beauty,
for the many encounters and acquaintances of life,
for the more profound and lasting relationships with those whom we love;
and for all that goes to weave the rich and varied fabric of community.
We especially give thanks, on this special day, for all Mothers:
those who’ve nurtured and loved us,
those who’ve guided and inspired us, and who’ve help us to realise our dreams.
And we give thanks also for those young women;
those who face motherhood in today’s world.
And we ask that you guide them especially at this time when it so often seems
that our society fails our young folks.
Dear Father, we thank you now for the Gospel’s joyful sound,
for the new light Christ Jesus gives to those who put trust in him,
and for the privilege of our commission to speak in his name, to shine with his light,
to sing to his praise, and to build his new community of love.

O Lord our God, we pray you now, to fan the flames of love in our hearts,
to give warmth to the words of our lips,
and the thoughts of our minds as we pray for others.
Lord, King and Head of the Church, remember every congregation of the faithful.
Strengthen their confidence in your power and will to save the human race,
and in the final triumph of your kingdom.
Lord, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, remember the rulers of the nations,
remember especially Elizabeth, our Queen and our Royal Family;
and especially at this difficult time for our country remember her Government,
and all members of her Parliaments and Counsels.
Let it be the aim of every government to promote peace and justice,
and let the causes of hatred and bitterness
be removed from all the troubled places of the world.
Lord, King of mercy, we pray for the lands that are scared and wracked by war;
especially for all those people who face danger.
We pray for our service men and women as they face times of trial,
and for all their loved ones who wait anxiously at home.
We pray for the people of the Middle East;
especially for those who’ve been so badly treated.
We remember all those who are afflicted – the sick in body, the disturbed in mind,
the worried and the tempted, the bereaved,
all refugees and victims of war, famine and disaster;
give to them comfort and help, healing and strength.
We pray, especially at this time, for all affected by Coronavirus,
For those who are ill; for those who’ve lost a loved one.
For those who are fighting to contain it and stop its spread.

Gracious Lord,
we remember too all those who are closest to us in family and friendship.
Lord, be near to all those whom we name now, in the silence of our hearts...

O God of all times and places, finally, in our prayers today,
we remember with joy, all the faithful departed;
especially we remember those whom we have loved.
Bring us with them, at the last, to inherit those good things –
things beyond our imagining; things beyond our deserving,
things which have been prepared for those who love you;
through Jesus Christ our Lord who is with you, Father, and the Holy Spirit,
ever one God, world without end.

Closing Hymn: HYMN No. 167 ‘Guide me, O thou great Jehovah…’

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