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Sunday 27th June 2021

Introduction by Alison Duncan (Peebles Old)

The message of the church bells of Peebles Old Parish Church, on this the fifth
Sunday after Pentecost, is “welcome”. The Old Parish Church is in linked
partnership with Eddleston, Stobo and Drumelzier Parishes, and all in this lovely
corner of the Scottish Borders send our warmest greetings to all, wherever you
may be.

The gospel reading today is the story of the raising of Jairus’ daughter, and what
may be learned from the narrative of this miraculous happening in the ministry of
Jesus. The death of a child is a heart rending happening, and in Jesus’ response
there is sympathy, compassion and an insight into the unfathomable grace of God

When the bells are finished, the service continues with the hymn “Rejoice the Lord
is King..

HYMN: Rejoice, the Lord is King

Jairus' Daughter

5th Sunday after Pentecost


Said by Rev John Smith

In the meeting of our lives,
be the focus of all that we are.
In the singing of the hymns,
the prayers that we shall make,
the reading of your Word.

Speak to us, encourage and forgive us.
In the meeting of our lives, Lord,
be the focus of all that we are.

We meet in the presence of our heavenly Father. We meet as brothers and
sisters in Christ, accepting the responsibility this places upon us - to love one
another as you have loved us. We meet as your lights in this dark world, and
pray that through our words and our lives others might be drawn into your
family, and accept you as their Saviour and Lord. Amen.



Read by Janette Cameron (Peebles Old)

Mark; 5; 21-43 

When Jesus had crossed again in the boat to the other side, a great crowd
gathered around him; and he was by the sea.
Then one of the leaders of the synagogue named Jairus came and, when
he saw him, fell at his feet and begged him repeatedly, "My little daughter is at the point of death.
Come and lay your hands on her, so that she may be made well, and live."
So he went with him. And a large crowd followed him and pressed in on
While he was still speaking, some people came from the leader's house to
say, "Your daughter is dead. Why trouble the teacher any further?"
But overhearing what they said, Jesus said to the leader of the
synagogue, "Do not fear, only believe."
He allowed no one to follow him except Peter, James, and John, the
brother of James.
When they came to the house of the leader of the synagogue, he saw a
commotion, people weeping and wailing loudly.
When he had entered, he said to them, "Why do you make a commotion
and weep? The child is not dead but sleeping."
And they laughed at him. Then he put them all outside, and took the child's
father and mother and those who were with him, and went in where the child
He took her by the hand and said to her, "Talitha cum," which means,
"Little girl, get up!"
And immediately the girl got up and began to walk about (she was twelve
years of age). At this they were overcome with amazement.
He strictly ordered them that no one should know this, and told them to
give her something to eat.

HYMN: In heavenly love abiding



Said by Rev John Smith

Hear our prayers, God of power,
and through the ministry of your Son
free us from the grip of the tomb,
that we may desire you as the fullness of life
and proclaim your saving deeds to all the world.

Creator God,
you call us to love and serve you
with body, mind, and spirit
through loving your creation
and our sisters and brothers.
Open our hearts in compassion
and receive these petitions
on behalf of the needs of the church and the world.

Let us pray for the whole Church. Where it is humble, yet speaks truth to
those in power….
where it is warm and welcoming
where it is brave and reaching out to its community….

Bless it and fill it with your Spirit.

Let us pray for our community. Trying to take onward steps beyond the
Covid-19 pandemic. Encourage all who lead and live in our area. And
help us to look outward in all that we seek to do.

Let us pray for our land. Fill us with the spirit of unselfishness - that with
open and generous hearts we may listen to the fears and understand the
needs of our fellow human beings. Give us the grace to care and

And may that be true in our response to the peoples of our world. All
those places where the pandemic continues to devastate populations.
Help us, from our own fragility learn of ways to encourage and support
your whole created world.

Holy One,
hear our prayers and make us faithful stewards
of the fragile bounty of this earth
so that we may be entrusted with the riches of heaven. Amen

Hymn: My song is love unknown


Said by Rev John Smith

May God's Word be in your heart.
May God's Word be on your lips.
May God's Word be in your touch.
May God's Word direct your feet.
On this day and all your days to come
May God's Word be the life you live.

And the Blessing of God,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Be with you, this day and in all the days to come.


For any who are unable to access all the above links, I have, especially for you, recorded the audio for the whole service here.

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