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Peebles Old on the Phone

Call 0113 467 8156 to hear our Service


Please note this service has been discontinued. the information below is just that, for information as to what can be done.

We were acutely aware from the start of these online Services that those who do not have internet access are excluded. We have, therefore, for some time, looked for a means to change that.

This has now been done through a telephone service where the latest Service posted online can be heard.  It changes weekly on Sunday and is available all day every day until the following Sunday.

The Service is accessed at       0113 467 8156 

Calls are charged as a national call. Cost will depend on the telephone package a person has;  and the time of day.  It is not a Premium Service, nor is it free. The length of the call will be about 20 minutes. Mobile rates will again depend on the package the caller has.

On dialing the number the following message is heard:

"Welcome to Peebles Old on the phone. The service will start shortly please wait a moment."

The Service should start almost immediately.

Clearly this feature is for people who CAN NOT view this page, so PLEASE pass on the message by whatever means you can.

Thank you

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