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Service for Sunday 22nd March 2020

All Age Talk

Have you ever noticed that you get two of some things and only one of others – 2 eyes and 2 ears, but only one mouth?
It seems you’re meant to do twice as much listening and looking as talking.
You get 2 arms and 2 legs, so you’re meant to do twice as much working and walking as sitting around.
How many mothers do you have?
Most of us have only one. That’s one reason why we should be very good to our mothers.

Today, of course, is Mother’s Day. At least, that’s what my diary says, but someone on the radio the other day said that Mother’s Day is really the second Sunday in May.
It’s really quite confusing to have two Mother’s Days, but only one mother.
The best thing would be to let every day be Mother’s Day. After all, most mothers are good and kind and comforting every day in the year.

The Bible tells us that is what God is like.
“I will comfort you as a mother comforts a child,” said the Lord.
It’s a lovely word, comfort. It’s a bit like that other word that I like so much ‘cuddle’. And it’s not that I just like the word, I really like the act too, perhaps more.
Do you know what the word ‘comfort’ really means? It means to make strong. So we don’t need to be ashamed of being comforted or being cuddled by our mothers, or anyone else or even by God. It’s not a sign of weakness, it’s the secret of strength.
“I will comfort you as a mother comforts her child,” said the Lord.

So, mothers, it’s your day today. You probably got everyone up today, you cooked the breakfast, washed the dishes, made the beds – well no more. You go home and put your feet up and everyone else will do what’s needed today.

Dear God,
On this Mother’s Day – this Mothering Sunday,
So we remember especially those who are mother to us –
Our mothers, our grandmothers, even our great grandmothers.
And we remember too Mary, the mother of Jesus.
And yet, we would remember also the Church, as she tries to be a mother to us –
pointing us in the right direction and caring for us as best she can.
And we remember too the world you have given to us
to be our dwelling place and our home.
Help us to appreciate our mothers, the Church and the world,
For we ask in Jesus’ name,

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