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Online Video/Audio Recording Tools

You can make and submit your recording here using the recorders below.


Please make the recording in a quiet room. Make sure there are no distractions or noises in the background and avoid acoustically bright rooms such as kitchens, conservatories and bathrooms.

Now click on the red button and follow the online instructions. The recording will be submitted automatically when "send" is pressed.

You can review your recording as often as you wish by clicking on the play controls (grey triangle and slider above "Your name") and if not happy click reset and try again. When you are happy with the recording, fill in your name and email and click SEND. There is no need to send a separate email.


This is a method of making a video recording online and storing it online without using the storage of your device. Everything is online. it is done using a service called Panopto.

It can be accessed clicking the button below, but please read this before doing so.

when you click on the button you will get this

click on the blue sign in button indicated You will get this

put in the email address "" and click "next

You will get this

click on "create" and you will get this

Click on "record a video" and you will then get a video recorder. follow the online instructions to record a video and when it is saved it will be stored on the Panopto website ready to be downloaded or shared.

Follow the online instructions.
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